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How to Use this Website

KARIBU. Welcome to the official Kenya Destination website. has been designed to let you explore Kenya and discover the untold wealth of destinations and experiences available to the visitor. If you planning a trip to Kenya or just interested in learning more about the country, you'll find everything you are looking for here. This interactive guide to Kenya is very easy to use and navigate. The following guide will help you get the most out of When you begin exploring the site, you have two choices:

-So Much to See...

At the top of our screen is a menu of environments, presenting the complete range of Kenyan landscapes. If you are interested in visiting a specific area, use this menu to select your area of interest. Choose any one and you will find some general information, followed by a list of specific destinations. Choose any of these destinations, and you will see general information and travel facts for the chosen destination. You can take the safari of your choice through your chosen destination. Choose a safari from the menu on the left and you will see all of the relevant options for your chosen safari in your chosen destination.

-So Much to Do...

Kenya is the ideal destination for the active traveller. No matter where you travel here, you will always have plenty of safari options. If you have a particular style of safari in mind, rather than choosing an environment, go to the menu on the left and select from the list of safaris. Choose a safari and you will see general information on this kind of travel, together with a choice of environments where your chosen safari is possible. Select one, and you can then choose a particular destination and see specific information on your chosen safari in your chosen destination.

Accommodation, Dining and Shopping

While you are in any given environment or destination, you have the option of choosing either Accommodation,Dining or Shopping from the menu on the left, for the relevant information. If you would like general information on any of these three topics, just select them from the menu while you are in the homepage

Discovering Kenya

Below the safari menu, you will find a great deal of helpful information on Kenya's history, heritage, culture, nature and more. These areas will provide you with plenty of interesting reading, let you explore the National parks and Reserves, learn about Kenyan music and art, or try out some traditional Kenyan cuisine.There are internal menus to select from in these areas

Planning a Trip

If you are planning a trip to Kenya, we have provided a list of Safari and Touroperators. we also have a detailed Traveller's Guide with all of the practical advice you will need. This includes:

Meet the Travellers

Our Traveller's Tales section lets you meet a range of individuals who have all travelled in Kenya. Just select one and follow their safari, read their advice and click the links provided to see information on the places they visited.

Business Travel

If you would like specific Business travel information, visit this section.


See a full gallery of all of the images used within the website, or explore Kenya virtually with a complete range of Ipix 360 degree images. Ipix images are also used in our Scenic Safari section. Follow the instructions given to use the Ipix viewer. If you are experiencing any problems with Ipix, please go to or for assistance.


A comprehensive search allows you to search for anything on our website. A search box is availlable on every page of the website on the top right hand corner. In addition to this there is a advanced search which allows more granular searches on various sections of
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