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 Birds of Kenya 

Listing of Birds in Alphabetical Order
African Black Duck
(Anas sparsa) - ...A shy bird generally found in pairs along fast-flowing well-wooded highland streams. It has inst...
African Dusky Flycatcher
(Muscicapa adusta) - ...This is a common highland species which is typically found along forest edges and in wooded a...
African Fish Eagle
(Haliaeetus vocifer) - ...The African Fish Eagle has a very distinctive call which is one of the distinctive sounds of Ken...
African Grey Hornbill
(Tockus nasutus) - ...It is quite easily distinguished from the other Hornbills by its long white stripe running from ...
African Mourning Dove
(Streptopelia decipiens) - ...Normally found in pairs or small groups often close to habitation or along watercourses. It is m... - the official destination website of Kenya Tourist Board
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