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Listing of Traditional Arts by Name
Adze - (Qoto)
...A tool made from iron and wood. The blacksmith forges the metal parts. The branch for the hand i...
Back arm bead - black plaque (Ekwenyikwenyit)
...Made from camel hide and a leather binding with a shape similar to a gourd,and worn by married w...
Barrel (Giempe)
...Made by craftsmen from Muringa wood and carved using a Mutharagwe tool and wet cow hide from t...
Basket (Atonga)
...The basket was made by using palm tree grass and cow dung. It usually contained grain for grindi...
Basket (Kikono)
...Utilized by the subgroup Kabras, this is a dung-coated basket made from the river plant Machindu...
Bead Belt (Blue & White)
...Made of 22 strands of strung on (MUGUMO) fibre thread with leather spacers infront. Traditionall... - the official destination website of Kenya Tourist Board
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